Wednesday, 30 November 2016

I'm on a Spending Ban; 5 Top Tips for Saving Money

I have had to learn the hard way recently that you can't just spend money willy nilly and that sometimes you have to actually save. It's been a really tough lesson to learn but I've also realised that with being happy in your job and in life, money doesn't always follow. With working in retail now, I've taken a pretty hefty pay cut from what I was on before working for a large company full time and it's meant learning that money definitely does not grow on trees. It's a decision I haven't taken lightly, but I'm happy all the same in the work that I'm doing now. The only problem I've had, is how much money I've had each month to spend. With my car being on finance, that's a huge chunk of my wages each month already gone and so I've had to bite the bullet and stop spending money like I have been over the past two years. I hate to admit it, but I've had to put myself on a spending ban. 

The words are out there now. I am on a spending ban. No more makeup, no more random Costa trips with Melody like in the photos above, no more random shopping trips for the sake of buying myself something pretty. I am a girl on a budget and I have to stick to it. Over the next year I have so many things that I need to pay for (Including several holidays that I'm already committed to) and this is where it has to get serious. In the past I've put myself on 'spending bans' and never really paid much attention to them, I've probably not spent any money for a couple of days and then just treated myself by spending more money than I would have anyway. I'm one of those girls who's like I'm poor so let's buy myself a new lipstick to cheer myself up. THERE IS NO LOGIC IN THAT. So anyway, today I thought I would write this post to give you a little insight into what I'm going to be doing over the next couple of months to try and cut down my spending. 

1 - My first top tip is to cut down on the looking. If you don't look you can't want - this is always my biggest problem as I always tease myself too much by looking at too many pretty things. If you don't go window shopping you can't be tempted to pass over the cash! 

2 - Shop your stash! Now, you might see this term floating around the blogosphere quite a lot, but it's become quite popular amongst the 'spending ban' posts recently and for a good reason. Wanting that latest blusher release? How about going through your makeup stash and picking up one that you may have neglected for a couple of months? I know for a fact that I have 3 NARS blushers that I never use in such different beautiful shades - they definitely have me covered and I definitely do not need to go out and get myself a new Urban Decay Blush palette... *cry face emoji*. 

3 - Don't waste your money. It's all well and good not going out and spending your money on bigger purchases like the latest Naked Palette or YSL Foundation that you most definitely do (not) need, but when it comes to saving money one of the biggest things people (me, especially) usually fail on is wasting money on food and drink. Useless items that we don't think are making much of a difference at 2 or 3 quid a piece but when they all add up, can sometimes make you want to cry. Especially when you realise you probably could have actually bought the latest palette instead of 25 bottles of 7Up, a couple of McDonalds and those three Dominos that you had in the month. Count your pennies as they all add up! Eat what's in the cupboards already! 

4 - Trade a night out for a night in! As boring as it may sound one thing I've realised recently is that I can save quite a bit of money by having a night in instead of going out and paying loads for a date night or evening out with my friends. By grabbing some ingredients and cooking for the two of us, my boyfriend and I can have a cheap date night with watching a film at home instead of going out to the cinema or spending lots of money on a meal out. For less than £10 we can still have a really lovely night together without wasting money on a meal and drinks, cinema and all of the extras such as popcorn and chocolate - it saves us money and is usually a lot healthier too. 

5 - Part with your unwanted. I'm such a hoarder but when it comes down to saving an extra bit of cash, sites like eBay or Depop are usually your best friend. I've recently been popping quite a bit onto sites such as these and have been making quite a bit of money from my old unused things. If you don't use it or wear it any more and you could be earning a couple of quid for it whilst your strapped for dollar, then why is it still hanging in your wardrobe? I have quite  a lot of high end makeup for sale at the moment including Chanel, MAC, Dior and Bare Minerals so if anyone is interested in a blog sale or my Depop user name then let me know! 

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guides 2016 ! For Him & For Her

 It's that time of year again when we're all getting ready for the Black Friday deals and are rushing around getting Christmas Presents with our last decent wage before the big day. Christmas officially started for me on the 1st of November and I've been excited ever since for the holiday to begin. If you know me personally, you'll know that I am a massive Christmas fan and can't wait to get the Christmas movies on each year and this year has been no different; I've already had Home Alone and The Holiday on and I can't wait to get all snuggled up and watch Elf! For me though, the next big thing really is finalising the Christmas Presents and making sure that everybody on my list is ticked off before December 25th. So, being the good little Egg that I am, I thought I'd help all of you out too with a Christmas Gift Guide for Him and Her! Following on from my ones last year, I've bundled up all of my favourite gift ideas for you all to take a look at and potentially find the perfect gift you've been looking for for that special someone. Without further ado, lets get into it! 

For Her

£50+ Gift Ideas

Nike Free Runs - £90. The perfect gift for the gym freak or even just the fashionista, these Nike Free Runs were top of my wish list for quite sometime to wear everyday. They are so comfortable and look really good with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans for a casual everyday look. These ones are from Size? and cost £90, so not the cheapest item, but for such a good quality shoe and brand you can't really go wrong! Size? also have some other great picks in their Christmas Gift Guides so make sure you pop along to take a look through!

Theirry Mugler Alien Muse Gift Set - £64. A scent released as a limited edition earlier this year, the good people at Theirry Mugler have realised what magic they have created and released a Christmas Gift Set for the festive season. This gift set includes a 50ml perfume and also a 5ml miniature which is perfect for popping in your handbag for those extra on the go spritzes!

The Body Shop Small Advent Calendar - £60. The small advent calendar from the Body Shop is brimming full of miniature products for the 24 days of Advent. This great gift is worth £108 and is just £60 and it's the perfect gift for any beauty lover - especially one that loves The Body Shop. And don't worry, you don't have to give this to someone before Christmas, it's such a great gift to open up all in one on Christmas day too! There is also a large advent calendar available which is £99, however both are currently working in the 40% off Black Friday deal so get down whilst you can as that makes these just £36 and £59.40!!

Scarlett of Soho Sunglasses - £69. I always find that sunglasses are a great gift for Christmas; even though they're not needed there and then, sunglasses are always a really lovely present as they're normally not something someone likes to splash the cash on for themselves. A decent pair of sunglasses can last a lifetime if they're looked after properly and they're definitely a well received gift - especially in my household! These Scarlett of Soho Glasses from Sunglasses Shop are a lovely pair and a classic shape to suit almost everyone.

£20+ Gift Ideas for Her

Sleek Face The Day Makeup Must Haves Gift Set - £20. I think it's no secret here that I am a huge fan of Sleek MakeUP and so it just wouldn't have been right if I didn't feature any of their gift sets for this year in my gift guide! This on is the second biggest that they are offering this year and comes packed with everything you should need for a beautiful glow-filled look. Featuring an i-Divine Eye Palette with some gorgeous neutral shades to create the perfect smokey eyed look, a bright red Lip VIP Lipstick, Mascara and their Barekissed Illuminator, it has everything you need for a day or night makeup look. Perfect for anyone who loves their makeup or even for someone who is just starting out! 

The Body Shop The Finest Facial Mask Duo - £25. If you've read recently, you would have seen my review on the Body Shop Superfood Face masks (which you can read here) and would have realised how much I love them. So of course, I had to include this gift set as it's perfect for any beauty lover and anyone who likes taking care of their skin and appearance. At £25 for the set, you get the favourite Himalayan Charcoal Mask which works to purify the skin and clear out the pores and also the British Rose Plumping mask which is great for leaving the skin feeling fresh and radiant. It's definitely a must have for a pamper!

The Body Shop Medium Strawberry Gift - £28. This Gift Box has it all for your Body Shop enthusiast. Boasting a full sized Strawberry Body Butter, Shower Gel, Body Polish, Fragrance Mist and Hand Cream you can't really go wrong. Available in other Body Shop Signature Scents like Shea, Coconut and Moringa as well, this medium gift set is perfect for anybody who loves their body care and pampering themselves. The Body Butter is extra nourishing to moisturise the body all over and the shower gel and body polish give you everything you need to enjoy a bath or shower! 

Clarins Box - £35 (Online Only). A Beautiful introductory gift for anyone who's never tried Clarins before, or a box full of favourites for any long time Clarins lovers out there, the Clarins box is the perfect little gift. At £35 this box is priced perfectly for the range of amazing products you get inside and will make anybody feel special. The box pictured above is the 'Weekend' box and so filled with products perfect for a weekend get-away. The box now avaialble on is the 'Relax' box, just in time for christmas. Help the recipient relax this Christmas with Clarins and an array of products specifically picked for the occasion. 

Clarins Festive Eye Makeup Palette - £35. Another great gift for any makeup lover, this Clarins Limited Edition Festive Eye Makeup Palette is beautiful for creating many neutral eye looks this festive season. Packed with 6 satin finishes, 3 matte shades and one pink diamond touch shadow, this palette has it all for creating so many different looks. The warm, neutral shades that this palette has to offer will work all year round too and compliment any eye colour, making it the perfect gift for her this Christmas. Clarins is always a winner in my eyes! 

Theirry Mugler Alien & Angel Candles - £39 each.  As a massive candle fan, I don't think there's anything better than opening up a gorgeous smelling scented candle on Christmas morning and that gets even better when those candles are some of your favourite scents. This year the genius people at Theirry Mugler have released two new candle scents in the signature fragrances of their best selling perfumes! Alien and Angel have now got their own candles priced at £39 for 180g. A great gift for candles lovers or lovers of the perfumes, these candles are such a lovely luxurious present.

Kate Spade White Willow Scented Candle - £42. A brand name that is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and widely known among us Beauty and Fashion bloggers, Kate Spade New York is a sure-fire gift for anyone into their brands. This White Willow Scented Candle is absolutely gorgeous and would make such a lovely present. With a 60 hour burn time and a beautiful design, it's perfect for a homey gift or for someone that just loves a candle. The scent is beautiful too with a subtle scent to it, not making it too over powering or in your face. 

£10+ Gift Ideas

Soap & Glory Pink Pamper - £18. A brand known for it's great Christmas Gifts year after year, Soap & Glory have done it again with this years offering. This Pyramid of product minis is one of many new gift selections from the brand that know how to do body care. Pink Pamper is full of the classic S&G products that we all know and love such as: Scrub of your Life, Hand Food, Heel Genius, Clean on Me, The Righteous Butter and also a Face Soap & Clarity 3 in 1 facial wash. Of course, a body gift set wouldn't be complete without a body polisher too! This gift really does have everything for your Soap and Glory fans and even for people who haven't tried the brand before, this is a lovely introductory present. You definitely cannot go wrong with a Soap and Glory Gift at Christmas time! Available at Boots, this works in their 3 for 2 on gifts! 

Next Classic Red Lip & Nail Set - £14. Set ready for the party season this gift set from Next is perfect for the bold makeup lover. Featuring a fiery red Lip Liner and Lipstick for the face and a beautiful Red Nail Polish for the fingers and toes this little gift set is perfect for getting any girl party ready. At £14 this set is perfect for a little stocking filler or a Christmas Eve treat and with a brand like Next producing the makeup you know it's going to be good quality. Next have some great other makeup gift sets too so make sure you pop along to their site to check them out! There's something for everyone!

Frank Body, Body Scrub & Body Cream - £12.95 / £17.95. As I mentioned in my Frank Body Review a couple of weeks ago, these two items are amazing for a proper girly pamper. Although these are individual items and not in a gift set, these are still a great gift to give this Christmas. Frank Body Coffee Scrub and Body Cream are the perfect duo for exfoliating and pampering your body back to it's baby smooth state. 

Seventeen My Photo Eye Palette - £16. A gorgeous eye palette gift set full of beautiful shades ready for either a neutral look or a look ready for a disco diva this Christmas. Perfect for any age, but specifically for younger girls just getting into their makeup, this Photo Ready palette is customisable with a slot on the front of the palette to insert your own photo! This Palette also has a lovely large mirror on the inside of the lid and a double ended eyeshadow brush for applying! 

Sleek Smoke & Mirrors Ultimate Smokey Eye Kit - £12.50. Another Beautiful gift set from Sleek MakeUp, this one features three products perfect for helping you get a gorgeous smokey eye this party season. A great gift for someone wanting to experiment a little more with their makeup or for someone already rehearsed in creating the smokey look, this gift set comes with a Bad Girl i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette, Full Fat Lash Mascara and Dip It Liquid Eyeliner. At £12.50, you really can't go wrong with this gift set! 

No7 Gifts for The Girls Cracker Selection - £14. A great novelty gift for a Christmas party or dinner with the girls, this cracker selection is full of beauty gifts from No7. Each Cracker contains a beauty product of either a nail polish or lip balm from Boots' own brand. Unfortunately, these crackers don't have the bang in them that make crackers so exciting normally, neither do they boast a cheesy joke like the ones you normally crack open on Christmas day, but the beauty gift inside definitely makes up for those minor details! 

Next Set of 2 Cookie Mix Jars - £12. The cutest gift ever for someone who loves to bake, these two cookie mix jars from Next are a great gift idea. Easy to bake, with all of the ingredients already measured out for you, the recipient of this gift will be able to make both Salted Caramel Cookies and Chocolate Shortbread Cookies that they can personalise with the cookie cutters that also come with this set. I can't wait to get baking with these this christmas! 

USN Fitness Leggings and Sports Bra - £19.99 each. Perfect for the fitness fanatic, fitness gear from USN is a great idea for this Christmas. I've written a full review here of my love of these two fitness bits but USN fitness gear is bloody lovely to work out in. It's got just enough support and stretch to make your workouts really easy with no resistance from the fabrics. They're great pieces to treat yourself too or to give to the budding gym goer! 

£10 and Below Gift Ideas

Millie Mackintosh for John Frieda - £5-£7 . Luxurious Haircare basics are something that I always look forward to getting at Christmas. It's something that may sound a little silly as shampoo and conditioner is a bit of a necessity year round, but when I open up my sack from my grandparents and there's a slightly higher price point product sat staring back at me I do get a little excited. This year, I'm all about the Limited Edition Millie Mackintosh Honey Blonde Range from John Frieda. Made with Oatmeal and Honey this set is perfect for making the most of your blonde and emphasising the colour and natural highlights of your hair. I'm super excited to start using these on my ombre and seeing the difference it makes. John Frieda is always a brand you can trust to really deliver when it comes to hair care and this limited edition range is definitely one to try or gift this christmas. I'm also a huge fan of the Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray, it's the perfect addition to any hair care routine and gives the most natural volume and texture to the hair! 

Next Chocolate Lovers Mug Set - £10. Everyone loves a hot chocolate and this set has got it covered for us chocolate lovers! With a gorgeous white ceramic mug and two chocolatey mixes in the form of a hot chocolate and cake-in-a-mug set this gift set is great for warming anyone up over the winter evenings. It also comes packed with mini marshmallows and several heart shaped spoons! It's the cutest hot chocolate set that I've seen this year and for just £10 you really can't go wrong! 

Seventeen Sparkle & Shine Lip Gloss Collection - £6. Filled with six of Seventeen's Lip Lustre lip glosses this set is great for a gloss or makeup lover. Perfect for adding a slick of shine to any makeup look, this set has six colours for all occasions and would be brilliant for her for Christmas as a stocking filler or for that little girl in your life who's just starting to explore makeup a little more! 

Hershey's Novelty Lip Balm Selection - £4-£8. The ideal stocking filler gift, these novelty lip balms are great for bulking up anyones presents. Perfect for a lip balm junkie or anyone that loves Hershey's chocolate, these are a lovely little find. Available in Claire's, Debenhams or on Amazon, these are great for all ages! 

USN Shaker - £4.49. Another for the fitness fanatics, but a little cheaper this time! This USN Shaker is great for anyone into fitness that loves their smoothies or protein shakes. Cheap and cheerful, it's a really practical present and one that will always go appreciated! 

Mens Gift Guide

Adidas Original Court Vantage Low Trainers - £55. Adidas Originals are something that you definitely cannot go wrong with. This all white pair from Size? are perfect for the man in your life. My boyfriend picked these ones out for himself and are just up his street. They're a classic shoe that never gets old! Size? Have got great Christmas Gift Guides at the moment, so make sure you pop along and take a peep at those because they've got something for everybody! 

Magnitone Clean Sweep for Men - £85. For the men in your life that love to groom and look after themselves, this gift is perfect for you. The Magnitone Clean Sweep is a facial brush for men, just like the Magnitone brush for women it digs deep into the pores and removes any grime and dirt from the skin leaving your with a cleaner and fresher complexion. Designed by men, for men and using the Vibra-Sonic technology this brush gives the skin a deep cleanse and exfoliation even underneath facial hair. My boyfriend has been using this on his face for a while now and even though he doesn't see any difference (bloody men!) I definitely can see a difference in his skin and how much clearer it is now! At £85 it's a little more pricey, but definitely worth it for daily use.

Alien for Men Fragrance Set - £42. Every man likes an aftershave set for Christmas and this one is my top pick for this year! Thierry Mugler Angel for Men gift set comes with a 50ml Eau De Toilette and 50ml Hair and Body Wash in the same scent! With top notes of Bergamot, Lavender and Peppermint and base notes of Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate and Musk, this sent is sweet yet still very manly. It's one of my favourite scents for men at the moment and I can't wait until Steve starts wearing it after Christmas.

Ted Baker Mens Wash Bag - £39.95. This Faux Leather beauty from Ted Baker is the ultimate travel companion for men. With one large compartment ready for all sorts of toiletries and accessories, keeping shape with a wired frame and a base compartment perfect for keeping smaller items secure, this wash bag is ready to go for all occasions. A great gift idea for a man always on the go, you can't ever go wrong with something as classic as a Ted Baker piece.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

High End Products I Regret Buying

Being a beauty obsessive there are times where my heart gets the better of me and I don't listen to my head and reason. These times usually result in me buying pretty makeup that I don't always end up wearing. As I've recently been rummaging through my collection and sorting through my makeup to try and cut down on my hoard, I've come across a lot of items that I probably shouldn't have bought and so I thought I'd share those with you today in a 'products I regret buying' post. Of course, being me and having the disposable income that I've had over the past couple of years all of these products are high end and so that makes this even more painful to tell you that I haven't actually used many of these products. 

First up is this MAC Blusher in Immortal Flower, a really lovely corally pink blush that in all honesty I have used about twice. It doesn't even look like it's been used. As you will probably find its a running theme in this post, I bought it for the sake of buying it I think. I am not really a blusher fan and don't really wear it at all and this colour, although a really nice subtle colour, is just a little too pink for me. This was £18.50 and I'd say I've probably had around 20p's worth of use out of it! The next blusher I regret buying is NARS Orgasm. A coveted favourite for so many and one that is absolutely gorgeous no matter whether your a fan of pink or not, but again I bought it when the hype for it was as it's highest and I've only worn it a handful of times since. It's absolutely stunning but I just never reach for it. Last but not least on the blush side of things I have the most heart breaking product. This Chanel Blusher, which cost me a whopping £31 has been used all of two times. Again, it's a blusher, so I don't tend to wear them anyway, (I really should stop buying blushers) but it's also in a orangey/coral colour that just does not suit me, no matter how beautiful it is. It was definitely something I purchased because it was Chanel and for no other reason I think - no wonder I'm on a spending ban now! 

Next up we have a selection of lipsticks. Like many girls / beauty bloggers I am a bit of an obsessive when it comes to pretty lipsticks. Most recently I've had a massive clear out of at least half of my MAC lipsticks, but now I'm moving on to the more expensive of my collection. Firstly again we have something from Chanel, this Rouge Coco Lipstick in the shade 'Loused 400' is absolutely stunning and such a beautiful nude, but for me it's just a little too sheer. I must be honest, when I bought this one, I did feel a little pressured from the lady on the Chanel counter because I had spent forever having my makeup done by her; I felt like I kind of owed her a sale with the amount of time she had spent with me. I know that's not how it's supposed to be, but regardless I chose this lipstick as one I thought I might wear and paid for it. It's a gorgeous nude colour and completely up my street but unfortunately it is just too sheer, it doesn't have the colour pay off I was expecting and for a brand as big as Chanel I kind of expected a little more. In all honesty it's put me off purchasing another from them as I don't love this formula (even though I know all of their formulas aren't going to be the same) which is kind of disappointing, but it guess will save me money in the future! Next from the products I regret buying is this Kylie Lip Kit in Posie K. The one in the photo above isn't actually Posie, I think that one is Koko, but as I've already given Posie away to my friend, I just popped this one in to fill the gap. I have around 7/8 of Kylie's Lip Kits, and I've loved every single one that I've bought. If you've read my review here, you'll know that I love the pigmentation and the colours are absolutely beautiful and for a liquid lipstick they've got one of the best formulas around (in my opinion). They're stunning and such a great product but unfortunately Posie K just doesn't suit me. It's a shame that you can't really swatch them yourselves before you buy like you can with lipsticks in Boots, because I definitely would not have picked this one up for the price including shipping and customs - but either way, it now has a lovely new home and suits the new owner way more than it did me. Last but not least we have a Dior Lipstick in a really lovely coral pink colour. Again it's absolutely stunning and the pigmentation and formula of the lipstick is beautiful, but it just doesn't suit me. I don't know what it is with me impulse buying products that are the wrong colour for me, but clearly I'm kind of good at it. This lipstick had quite a hefty price tag on it being from Dior and I just have not got the wear out of it. I think If I'd bought any of these products in the right colour for my skin tone then I'd be so happy and wouldn't even have to be writing this post, but that's what you get from putting pretty things over logic I guess!

Writing this post has definitely made me realise how much I need to start thinking properly before I make more expensive purchases. I'm such an impulse buyer and it really needs to stop because I just end up with products that I don't get the use out of. Don't get me wrong, the rest of these products, like the Kylie Lip Kit, will be being re-homed shortly and won't just sit sad in my makeup drawers, but it has for sure made me think twice before buying new makeup. The phrase 'do I really need it' is often played around in my mind now and has been making me make much wiser makeup choices. Have you made any random purchases that you regret recently or do you have any items like this that need to be re-homed because you bought the wrong colour? I'd love to know in the comments!

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Rimmel Only 1 matte Lipsticks Review

When it comes to lipsticks, I think it's a very well known fact that I have far more than the average person let alone blogger, but yet again, here we are with another lipstick review post. This time the lipsticks are from none other than Rimmel London from their new range 'Only 1 Matte' lipsticks. I was very generously sent all nine of the new shades recently and I have been dying to get these photographed ever since they dropped through my letter box - total blogger problems having to wait until you have time to photograph them until you can use them! For a matte lipstick, as you'd expect, I was expecting these to be a little dry and hard to wear (I don't ever have great experiences with matte lipsticks) but Rimmel have definitely done their research when creating these bad boys because they are anything but! When I was swatching these for the photos above (as always, my first time in trying out a lipstick) I was extremely surprised to find them to be super creamy and really easy to apply. I achieved the swatches above with one quick swoop of the lipstick across my arm, something that I never would expect from a matte shade. Of course, once I'd noticed this, I had to get one on my lips straight away and so I chose the brightest red I could (Call the Shots) and applied it straight from the bullet to my lips. Again, I found it to be super easy to apply, even with the flat applicator (which I never usually get on with) and really loved how creamy it felt on my lips. Usually, Matte lipsticks are extremely drying and quite difficult to apply due to achieving that perfect matte finish, so it's been really nice to have the moisturising feel of these ones as a new alternative! The colours themselves are absolutely stunning too. As a massive fan of nude shades, you can probably understand why the four in my first photo are my favourites from this collection. My overall fave though has to be number 700 as it's the spitting image of MAC's Velvet Teddy and the perfect high street dupe! I also love the  slightly burgundy shade 'The Matt Factor' as its just perfect for the autumn / winter. Rimmel London have really surprised me with this latest release and I'm so happy that I've been able to try all of the new shades. There isn't really anything bad that I can say about them aside from the fact that they're not quite as long lasting as I would have hoped since they're matte - but I guess that's the price we have to pay for an extra creamy finish! Have you tried the new Only 1 Mattes yet? What's been your favourite shade?

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Monday, 14 November 2016

Nutribuddy 14 Day Weightloss Kit Review

It's now been just over two weeks since I started my Nutribuddy 14 day weight loss kit and so I thought it was about time that I reviewed it for you! So, if you didn't know, over the last couple of weeks I have been trying out the 14 day weight loss kit from Nutribuddy. You can read my First Impressions post to find out my initial thoughts, but as a quick over view its a kit comprised of a 14 day supply of Sculpting Whey, Hunger Fix tablets, Multivitamin tablets and a Nutribuddy shaker. Taking all three supplements everyday along with a healthy diet (which is made easier with the inclusion of a little recipe book) is supposed to help aid quicker weight loss.

I must admit that it's been a little bit of a struggle, remembering to take the Hunger Fix tablets up to an hour before each meal has been my main failure and I've often only managed to take them once a day, however overall with taking the supplements and Sculpting Whey for the last two weeks I have seen a difference in my size. One thing  I want to point out here is that I don't weigh myself; I started doing it a little last year, but after getting myself so down over the numbers I decided that it was for the best that I stop worrying about them. I like to judge my 'weight' and size on how I'm feeling and how I look. Appearance and how I feel in myself is the main reason that I work out and try and eat healthily and so that's all I really care about these days. Like they say, a picture speaks 1000 words and if I'm happy with how I look then that's all that matters to me. At the moment, I haven't been loving how I've been feeling in my body or how I've been looking,  but as you can tell from my 'after' photos above, I'm starting to feel a little better about the way that I'm looking. I haven't included my 'before' photos in this post because even though there isn't too much difference in them overall, I just was not happy with them being on the internet.

Over the past two weeks the Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey has been my favourite product to take out of this weight loss kit. I find it so easy to mix myself up a scoop of whey powder and some water (less calories than milk) and drink it quickly either after a workout or as a snack during the day. The Vanilla flavour that I was kindly sent is absolutely delicious and so it's become something I look forward to drinking each day instead of something that could have been a bit of a chore. I've definitely found with other protein powders in the past that I haven't liked the flavour of, that it takes a lot more effort to remember to drink it when the taste isn't that great and that's one thing that Nutribuddy have most definitely gotten right here. The Multivitamin tablets are something that I've been taking as soon as I wake up in the morning; I go through stages in my eating habits where I often don't eat a whole lot of the right things and so I've always thought that taking vitamin tablets is quite an essential thing for me. The Nutribuddy Multivitamin tablets make these nice and easy as everything I should need is in one tablet that is (although a little larger than I'd like) a lot easier to swallow than some of the other much bigger vitamin tablets out there on the market. I love the fact that the multivitamins are included in this weight loss kit as it makes me feel more secure in knowing that I'm having the right nutrients going into my body.

I've been really happy with the weightloss kit and even though it's made for a 14 day supply, with how I've been using the hunger fix tablets and how much of the sculpting whey I've been using for each shake, I actually have quite a bit left over to continue taking. I've noticed really nice subtle changes in the way that I'm slimming down and looking and actually how I've been feeling in myself with taking the Nutribuddy products and I've really liked the kit. I think when I'm in a better 'fitness' mindset in the future especially, I would definitely repurchase this to try and complete again as I think it could make so much more difference taken properly with me. It's already made me feel slimmer and better as it is over the last couple of weeks of me mostly just drinking the sculpting whey and remembering to take the Hunger Fix tablets for my main meals, so I definitely think this would be worth the money to do again in the near future! I'd love to know if you've tried Nutribuddy at all or if you're thinking of giving the kit ago?

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