Friday, 24 October 2014

The 5 Product Face | Day to Night

It can be hard being a girl. There's always the issue of having too much makeup to choose from when we go on our many travels or just staying over at someone else's house. I know that I always have the question of, 'Would it be rude to take all of my makeup to Beth's house?' or 'Would it look like I'm moving in if I leave a second blusher and Mascara at my boyfriends?'. What us girls need is an essentials bag. It's taken me a while to narrow down my many many makeup products to just think of a couple that I could work with on a daily basis, but I think I've cracked it!

I was challenged recently to come up with a '5 product face', as you can tell by the title of this blog post. My challenge was, not only to think of a day time look with these 5 products, but to be able to use these 5 products to transfer it into an evening look too. 


A simple sweep of  BareMinerals 'warmth' bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks and in the standard '3' shape along the outline of the face for a healthy glow.
A light dusting of NARS 'Orgasm' Blusher on the apples of the cheeks.
A light covering of 'Frisk' from Urban Decay's Naked Basics 2 palette over the eye lids and 'skimp' on the inner corner of the eye.
A thin line of Benefit's They're Real Liner with no cat-eye flick!                                                     A light coat of MAC's Viva Glam 1 lipstick for a slight coverage / no lipstick!


A slightly heavier handed touch of 'Warmth' bronzer by BareMinerals, not to look orange though!
A dusting of NARS 'Orgasm' Blusher on the apples of the cheeks, sweeping back to the edge of the temples.
A base coat of 'Cover' from the UD Naked Basics 2 Palette, with 'Skimp' on the inner corner of the eyes and 'Primal' packed on to the outer corner and part way through the crease for a 'smokey' effect.
A thick slick of They're Real Liner with a defined cat eye flick.
A defined layer of MAC's Viva Glam 1 lipstick for a bold lip. 

What would you use as your 5 products? 

Would you be able to stick to just 5 products for your 'essentials' for a day to night look?


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Review | Ozeri 4x3 Motion Digital Pedometer* | Fitness Post

Ozeri 4x3 motion digital pocket 3d pedometer | LINK

A lot of you know that I really enjoy my exercise. I'm the kind of girl that will get up on a saturday morning, hungover or not and go to bootcamp - rolling around in the mud, army crawling round obstacles, that kind of thing. When I heard about this Ozeri 4x3 motion Digital Pocket Pedometer, I jumped at the chance to give it a review. I'm always looking for ways to try and measure and control the amount of exercise I'm doing and this is a perfect little gadget for doing just that. It's lightweight and can easily fit in any pocket (try the tiniest of zip pockets in the back of my lycra running leggings!) or can be used with the supplied strap. 

Unlike most pedometers where it's usually really unreliable unless kept perfectly horizontal, this Ozeri pedometer uses tri-axis technology to provide accuracy in any kind of position - perfect for hanging around your neck/wrist whilst running too! I also love the fact that this pedometer tracks a lot more for you than just your step count; it can also track your distance, average speed, time spent exercising and (most importantly for me) the calories that you've burnt. I found the instruction manual really handy and after an initial start-up found the device really easy to use. 

This is the perfect device for anyone trying to understand more about their activities when exercising. The accuracy is amazing and it shows far more results than your average pedometer. It's a little pricey at £39.99 (currently on sale on Amazon here for £15.95), but come on, it's not exactly your average cereal box pedometer! It's definitely worth a try and especially in the sale, is really good value for money. 


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Natural Latherings - 3 Step Skincare*

If you've been following my blog for the last year then you would've probably seen how many skin care routines I have tried and loved. I'm a girl that is definitely obsessed with having spotless, smooth skin and with that comes a lot of product trialling. I've tried a lot of the 'high end' 3-Step Skin Care Routines and  really liked them, however found that for the hefty price tags (of around £60 for the lot) they didn't last very long. Even though some of them really did help my skin, I'm not made of money and it can be very expensive to have to keep forking out on Skin Care. 

Recently, a colleague of mine introduced me to his Girlfriend's brand of homemade luxury skin care products. I was hooked as soon as he told me about some of the ingredients and was so excited to try the 3 step skin care products. 

Natural Latherings is a Wiltshire based 'All Natural' Skin Care Range that specialises in Luxury Skin Care Products and Handmade soaps, without the expense of those (slightly over priced?) 'big name' brands! I really love that the range is Paraben free; it's a big must for a lot of us beauty lovers and really makes me trust the brand more, knowing that there aren't any harsh chemicals being massaged into my face every day. I've honestly fallen in love with this range and with a fraction of the price of brands like Clarins and Cinique, I definitely recommend you to get trying! 

Natural Latherings Cleanser with Honey 150ml* | £8.99 | Link

Cleanser is a big thing for me; I'm honestly shocking at removing all of my makeup and a good cleanser needs to be able to get those stubborn little bits off before I snuggle up into bed for the night (or collapse drunk, but hey, at least I remember to cleanse before that happens!). This Cleanser not only smells amazing, with the richness of the honey and a gorgeous subtle hint of coconut, but it also tackles those stubborn areas of makeup and clears my skin. I love the creamy formulation and how soft and gentle it leaves my skin feeling. It doesn't feel harsh on my face as I massage it in (especially on my problem areas) and the antiseptic properties of the honey works on my blemishes and pesky spots nicely without stinging - always a pet hate of mine! I have to say, this Cleanser is definitely up their with the best. My favourite cleanser has been pushed aside and this has taken pride of place on my bathroom cabinet.

Natural Latherings Toner with Citrus 150ml* | £8.99 | Link

Again, Toner is something that in a skin care routine, I feel like I can't go without. Toner removes all of the extra 'crap' in your skin and really just gives your face a clean slate ready for your moisturiser to work it's magic. I spray a couple pumps onto a cotton pad and wipe all over my face, focusing on any spots or blemishes that I have to make sure all of the dirt is brought out of them. The citrus scent within this toner is lovely yet not too harsh and I really think the ingredient adds a little extra to the toner. I love how this makes my skin feel really fresh and if it's had a deep clean. It's not as strong as other toners that I've tried and doesn't give me that almost stinging sensation (which I have to admit, if not too harsh, I kind of like as I feel like it's doing more for me) but I've definitely still seen results and haven't had any more major break outs since using - always a risk when you originally change skin care brands! For £8.99, you can't go wrong! 

Natural Latherings Moisturiser with Honey 50ml* | £8.99 | Link

I honestly don't think I can rave about this moisturiser enough. I'm not usually a massive fan of facial moisturisers, for the fact that I'm always terrified that they'll clog up my pores and I'll have a massive breakout - silly, I know, but you can't blame a girl for having a little doubt, can you? I typically stay away from heavy, creamy moisturisers and stick to light, thin ones, but this moisturiser has definitely swayed me. Again, this moisturiser has a lovely subtle honey and coconut infused scent and it leaves the skin feeling so silky smooth. I also found that a little really goes a long way. Originally, i scooped out a hefty blob on the end of my finger and instantly regretted putting it all on my face. After an embarrassing moment of trying to get the excess back into the pot, I was left with the tiniest amount which nicely massaged into my skin and sank in within seconds. It left me with lovely feeling skin and hasn't broken me out so far! 

I've been really impressed by this Natural Latherings Skin Care Routine and have most definitely been converted from my over spending ways. These products have proven themselves to be up there with the best and with price tags of just £8.99 per product, it's really not breaking the bank! If you head on over to the Natural Latherings website here, you can even buy all three products as part of their Skin Care Sets for just £22! Considering that's the usual price of one of my top-branded products, it's not really something to shy away from! There's also some great Christmas gift packages and lots more naturally made products such as Handmade Soaps, Bath Salts, facial washes, body creams and more new products coming soon! 

Make sure you head on over here and take a peep and if you're in the Wiltshire area, keep an eye out at local markets for this amazing range! 


Friday, 3 October 2014

Zoella Beauty

zoella eyesIf there's one thing all of us beauty bloggers know, whether we like her or not, it's that Zoe Sugg is one to follow. For the last couple of years, Zoella has been a huge inspiration for me. Having grown up literally 5 minutes from where she grew up and seeing her every now and again when she worked in my local New Look, it seems all a little crazy that she's gotten to where she is now. I don't know her at all, but like many others in the beauty blogging world, we're all bloody proud of her and strive to achieve even a fraction of what she has. It's crazy to think that she came from the a village in the middle of nowhere, to where she is now. It's definitely inspiring and I congratulate her on everything she's done.

One of the main things that you will all know about recently that she's achieved is her own beauty range. At first, I must admit, I was a little sceptical. I was torn by the idea of a gimmick 'celebrity' range, but in all honesty, this is far from it. It really seems like  Zoe has put her all into this range, taking into massive detail the scents and relating the products to what she loves and what her viewers would like. I think it's great to see products at such great prices and a range where you get so much for your money.

zoella beauty 2

I am insanely impressed by the 3 products that I purchased. The 'Blissful Mistful' Scent is absolutely gorgeous and for 45ml for £8, it's an absolute steal! I'm actually thinking of getting a couple more of these for friends for Christmas. I also adore the scent of the candle, it's got such a light and fresh smell and doesn't over power when burning, which I love, for £5, you can't go wrong with that! The last product I bought was the Eyes Makeup bag. For £8 again, this is such a large and good quality bag, it fits so much in and is the perfect length for makeup brushes also! I actually bought two of these and I'm so glad I did as they're so nice!

Well done Zoe! We're all so proud of you!
You can pick up Zoella Beauty in Superdrug or here on FeelUnique!


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