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Blogger Spotlight | ItsKatParker

5 sleeps until 2014!

Today is another one of my blogger spotlight posts. I found that being featured on somebody's blog in a questionnaire-type post has helped increase my followers and my blog's reputation. This time around is Kat from It's Kat Parker go and check out her lovely new blog, she's a newbie to the blogging world!

1. First off, What inspired you to start blogging?

I've known about the blogging world for a while maybe the past 4 years? Aswell as blogs I watch youtubers some you may of heard of such as zoe from zoella, Sam and nick from pixiwoo, urmmm cupcakes and cashmere, anna from vivianna does makeup. Anything from cookery to makeup to fashion I love! And one day out of the blue I thought why not give it a go myself(:

2. Where does the name of your blog come from?

Sooo 'itskatparker' well Kat is a nickname I got given as my real name is Kaaviya I preformed in Cats the musical and yeah the 'K' fr my name to Kat ha! The Parker..well this is embarrassing I have an obsession for marvel and dc films and one of my faves is definitely Spider-Man but I mean have you seen Toby McGuire and how beautiful Andrew Garfield is! Anyway of you didn't know already these are the actors who played spider man who's characters names were 'Peter Parker' yeah..Parker...oh dear I admit I love them to my hearts desire and that's how Kat Parker came about!

3. How hard have you tried to get into the blogging world and what would you recommend to others wanting to start blogging?

At first it's easy making posts finding out how to button works the layout etc. Then you realise after a few months (if you haven't given up) that you want to take it further gain a bigger audience - things get harder. My advice to you would be social media open up a twitter account and join the beauty world talk to others ask for help I'm sure they'll be more than happy to!  Comment on other blogs not just your link but honest opinions on there blog too we love to hear your feedback!

4. Where and when do you usually write blog posts?

I write my posts at home and now blogger has an app on the go (train journeys can get boring when your on your own) just anywhere I feel comfortable whether on my bed or at an office desk it doesn't make a difference to me! :)

5. Do you have set days that you post or do you just post as and when you want to?

I dont really have set days but I do post about 2 posts minimum a week nowadays. Usually one or twoduring the week days and one on the weekend. That's why have 'weekend posts' because I find there easier laid back posts that I can do on the weekend, relaxing you know? I am trying to schedule myself so I have more posts in the week.

6. Do you have any blogging tops for organisation?

Make sure you say in touch, don't do a post every one or two months I'm not gonna sit here waiting! So yeah make sure to make posts regularly not necessarily everyday but maybe give yourself a day in the week and a time restriction to start and finish your post this way you get things done and ready to go to your blog. Be original and honest. Try and create your own ideas on your posts something spontaneous! And your reviews and pr be honest after all what's the point saying its a good product when it's terrible I might go buy it and waste my money on something that doesn't work

7. What are your holy grail beauty/fashion posts?

Oh dear I have too many...okay let's start with beauty my Vichy Normaderm Moisturiser which you can find a post about on my blog. Benefit Oxygen Wow foundation this foundation is super blendable great coverage doesn't cake up. St Ives blemish fighting face scrub also a more detailed post on my blog.
So fashion hmmm. My navy hollister zip up hoodie , I've had this for a year now the color hasn't washed out it is with weighing and anything. I can wear it any time of the year, it's not too thin or too thick. H&M jeans when I'm rushing out the door these jeans my converse(also a holy grail they're so comfy!) or boots a plain shirt and that's it I'm done and ready to go I just can't get enough of them!

8. What is your favourite blog post to write?

That's a tricky one because they're so many! I have to say I enjoy reviews A LOT. I could talk about products forever I I could. It's a great way to help other people on deciding what's worth their money!

9. Where would you like your blog to be in the next 6 months?

6 months that's a long time but time flies! I hope to be a successful blogger. A happy, healthy person ( I'm not saying I'm not haha). With many people listening to my opinions and advice on my blog because I love sharing.

10. Tell us 5 interesting facts about yourself.

1. I was born on the last day of the year (31st December) jut before midnight
2. I dream to go to uni and live in America
3. I love football and dance, singing and acting (preforming)
4. I can play the piano, guitar, flute, and I dabble on the drums
5. Music is my energy source I cannot go a day without music my friends say it could be a mental condition (they joke obviously)

6. Broken the rules ;o I have wierd obsessions with bands such as sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, bring me the horizon, a day to remember, we are the in crowd. And tv programmes pretty little liars, teen wolf, vampire diaries, awkward, the carrie diaries, the originals, the Mindy project.

Don't forget to take a look over at her blog! She's such a lovely girl.


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