Sunday, 27 October 2013

My Favourite: Autumn Nails

Painting my nails has become one of my weekly rituals, I sit down with a movie or the latest episode of 'The Vampire Diaries' and pamper my fingers. I love painting my nails lots of different colours but when it comes to Autumn, I love being able to paint them the warmer, richer and all together darker colours.

Here are a pick of my favourites for October / November.


1 - Rimmel Space Dust: 005 Total Eclipse

I absolutely love this shade. Not only is it the most gorgeous mix of black and a dark emerald green, but it is also just the right amount of sparkly. Perfect for my Haunted Cat Halloween costume!

2 - Barry M Gelly Hi Shine: 334 Plum

As a starter I'd like to point out that I am generally a massive fan of this collection by Barry M, I think they have a really nice finish and genuinely do last a little longer than the standard polish. This shade is a very deep purple and when applied is almost black looking. However, I don't think this is a bad thing and I adore it. Perfect for the autumn months when your in a darker mood. 

3 - Barry M Gelly Hi Shine: 334 Mango

For me, this is the perfect colour for Halloween,. Okay, It's not necessarily the perfect autumn shade, but I love to wear this in October - particularly towards the end. My birthday is on Halloween after all, I'm destined to love this bright orange!

4 - Rimmel 60 Seconds: 619 Pulsating

This is a great purple colour for the Autumn/Winter nail paint transistions. It is the nicest possible purple colour with an amazing shimmer which glistens lovely in the light. I love wearing this colour on nights out or to parties!

5 - Barry M Nail Paint: 273 Rasberry

This is the loveliest deep raspberry colour and I love wearing this during the week, it finishes brilliantly and is a staple in my winter beauty must-haves.

What are your favourite Autumn nail colours?
Do you like painting your nails with your mood?
Let me know in the comments below




  1. That space dust by rimmel is so beautiful! I've just followed your blog on here and bloglovin :-) xo

    1. aww thank you so much! I'm wearing it now! i love it so much. there's a snap on my instagram, link on my page links xxx

  2. Those all these colours, i really like the raspberry barry m!

    Hannah Heartss

    1. The raspberry has to be one of my faves! It's such a lovely colour I wear it loads. Xxx

  3. I love Raspberry too - it's such good value for money!

    1. It really is! I love Barry m paints for value! Xxx

  4. Really love the Plum and Raspberry Barry M colours, need to stock up!!


    1. They are the best. I must say I cannot fault Barry m on their nail paints xx


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